Demonstration of ITCH v.1 onboard a 4.900 Dwt Platform Supply Vessel

On 23rd of February we were invited to perform demonstration of ITCH v.1 for a major Charterer onboard a tier 1 PSV.

Despite the ambient condition being in excess of the operation window for ITCH v.1 we are able to, through top of the class cooperation with the vessel’s crew, perform beyond what we thought would be possible. We believe that under improved weather conditions we could have done even better, but it is good to have a target to stretch for.

Footage from 8 hours of video recorded in the dark await close studies from Shipshave. We aim and hope to be able to share uplifting news as a result of this demonstration.

Thanks to the crew, their management and Charterer allowing Shipshave to perform speed tests for hours in the fjords around Stavanger.

The image shows that the well-established fouling has foliated the self-polishing antifouling thereby preventing the antifouling to function as intended.   The fouling has been removed with soft brushes reestablishing contact between the red colored antifouling and the ambiance.

Testing of ITCH on a 5780 Dwt General cargo vessel

22nd of February we were invited to perform successful development testing on a general cargo vessel departing Knarvik outside Bergen for Storasund on Karmøy. The 106m long vessel made the transit in ca 11 knots.

Thanks to the crew and management making the vessel available to Shipshave.

Demonstration and testing of ITCH on a Cement carrier

February 3rd we were invited to perform development testing on a Cement carrier departing from Ølen to Karmøy. For the second time within a week, the west coast of Norway presented itself at its finest. Ice was only present in the inner part of the fjord, so we were able to do valuable development testing for most of the trip as well as train our representative in the ARA-area, Rens Gerritsen.  We believe that our presence in the ARA-area will open doors in the major marine hub.

Thanks to the crew and management for making the vessel available to Shipshave.

Testing of ITCH on a general cargo vessel

28th of January we were invited to perform development testing on a general cargo vessel departing Jelsa for Vats. With amazing winter weather, the scenery in the fjords presented itself as post card image worthy.

In the image we have elected, the bilge keel is shown on a downstroke. Darkness came upon us and we had to fit lights to the ITCH to be able to review its behaviour in the water.

The last test of the day was completed just in time to retrieve the ITCH prior to entering the ice. We plan to study the video footage and data collected to evaluate the performance of new features and adjustments tested during this test.

Thanks to the crew and management making the vessel available to Shipshave.

Demonstrating ITCH v.1.

On the sunny morning of January 21st, Shipshave was invited to demonstrate the ITCH v.1 onboard a Platform Supply vessel trading in the Stavanger area.

The team from Shipshave turned around quickly and mobilized on the marine logistic base approx. 1,5 hr later.

The master and crew, as well as Charterer shared our enthusiasm for the outlook of removing 3 years of fouling in a few hours. And that we did, however at a stage we had to throw in the towel due to the severe weather conditions. Despite of the equipment not performing optimally due to the high seas and strong winds, we still managed to remove fouling during the time we were operative. We know now that winds gusting at 55 knots is a bit too much. For the vessel and crew that was peanuts. The ITCH, dependent on steady water pressure readings, was challenged.

Again, thanks to ALL involved. We hope to come back and complete the demonstration calmer conditions.

Testing on a 70m Cargo-/Container ship

The Owners of the cargo ship allowed a team of 2 from Shipshave to embark at Husøy for the journey to Ølen to test some new features to complement the In-Transit Cleaning of Hulls.

We are quite excited to say that the innovation was tested successfully on both sides of the vessel sailing at ca 10 knots.

Many thanks to the Owner and crew.

Testing on a 111m bulker

The good vessel from Berge Rederi was loading north of Bergen bound for the continent. Shipshave’s team embarked in the afternoon and tested successfully new features for In-Transit Cleaning of Hulls (ITCH) while the vessel was steaming towards a bunker quay in the Haugesund-area.

Many thanks to the Owner and crew.

Testing on a 200m bulker

The bulker had completed lightering operations prior to the last leg on its journey to Sauda for final discharge. With 2 winches we were able to do function testing on both sides of the vessel simultaneously, thereby verifying satisfactory operation of ITCH v1.0 during transit at approx. 13 knots. Thanks to all involved allowing us to embark.

Testing on Cargo/Containership between Torvastad and Bergen in the dark.

As we are approaching the autumn and winter we will no doubt face darkness during hours of testing.

We embarked at Torvastad on the Karmøy-based vessel with lighting features fixed onto the ITCH.

The vessel was approximate 102m long, 4604Dwt and steaming at ca 12 knots.

The ITCH was tested successfully and we arrived safe and sound in Bergen. Despite of the scope on deck being less efficient when operating after daylight, it is doable, but daylight is optimal.

Thanks again to the crew and the Owner allowing us to on the vessel for fine tuning of our solution.

Testing on a 134m, 11.153Dwt Container Feeder vessel

A test was performed on a 134m, 11.153Dwt Container Feeder vessel “Coneste”.

Within a 4 day period we have been fortunate to be able to test on the largest and the fastest vessels made available to us.

When the opportunity to test on a vessel steaming at high speeds presented itself, we had to go for it. Shipshave is very grateful to North Sea Container Line and Myklebusthaug Management making the good vessel and crew available to our test team.

The ship had drydocked approx. 3 years ago. Primary testing target was to observe performance in high speeds. The Shipshave ITCH was successfully tested up to 17 knots between Tananager and Husøy.

The image is taken by the video camera on the ITCH between white water waves created by the vessel. The ITCH was deployed with the winch via a fairlead on port side.