CII demands continous improvement

IMO regulations forces better fuel efficiency. Ships may have to limit engine power, meaning less transport capacity and less revenue.

Hull performance is typically  monitored by logging of an inaccurate method – “noon figures”. With ITCH on board, the vessel can be clean mid-voyage which allows for monitoring before & after in identical cargo- and ambient conditions.

ITCH enables witnessing the results post operations, with actual footage from the installed camera.

Seafarers should handle operational hull cleaning, while the Performance team focuses on higher level issues.


Hull fouling increases viscous resistance. ITCH is a proactive measure to prevent establishment of fouling.

Powerful cleaning systems can increase the paint roughness. Rough paint increases hull drag. ITCH use soft brushes, defined forces and few cleaning strokes to avoid wear of the antifouling.

Ships may downrate engines to comply with IMO CII regulations. ITCH will help you maintain transit speed.


ITCH is ready for hull cleaning when you are