Hull performance is monitored by scatter plots of vessel speed vs fuel consumption.

Variables like cargo loading, current, waves, wind and water temperature reduce the accuracy of fuel performance analysis. Shipshave ITCH lets you measure fuel consumption before and after cleaning during the same voyage with small changes in the variables.

The integral camera lets you inspect the hull for decision making when the ship is steaming. This feature has never been commercially available before. The water is clear during inspection and shows fouling and flow patterns around the hull during transit.

Immediate analysis and visual results increases ownership of hull performance.


Viscous drag can cause 90% of flow resistance on large ships.

Rough paint contributes to the resistance. Shipshave ITCH has soft brushes, defined forces and defined number of cleaning strokes to minimize wear of the antifouling and keep the surface like new.

Fouling contributes most to viscous resistance. Shipshave ITCH can clean as often as desired to stop fouling while keeping control over cleaning costs.


Shipshave ITCH is always ready for cleaning without scheduling.