Hull cleaning is under-used because it wears antifouling paint and is a hassle, expense and environmental exposure.

The excessive CO2 emissions due to poor hull performance are larger than emissions of many nations. Released biofouling is the largest distributor of alien species to shores. Work with us means changing the conventions on business models and technology. Shipping and hull performance will become green and data driven. We have unique data that must become information.

Shipshave shall become a platform for hull performance, not another hull cleaning robot company. We will expand the technology to monitor and maintain hulls. Our business model is scalable, selling tools, not services. This allows us to reinvent hull performance rather than repeating job execution. You will focus on advancing the industry beyond IMOs 2030 fuel efficiency targets.

Shipshaves success depends on simplicity, reliability and sustainability in all our relations. Our projects are managed with in-the-hall-way decisions and easy access to full scale testing. You see results and thrive when we move fast. We are a small team with proven business development successes and financial resources. Our time from concept to commercial was less than 2 years.

We will allow you responsibility and ability to grow with the company. Large companies develop career plans that hides slow pace. Joining a successful, high growth company is how you accellerate your future.

Shipshave AS is commercialising and is manning up to fit the global footprint of shipping. Join us!

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