Hull cleaning is under-used because it wears antifouling paint and is a hassle, expense and environmental exposure.

The excessive CO2 emissions due to poor hull performance are larger than emissions of many nations. Released biofouling is the largest distributor of alien species to shores. Shipshave AS solves challenges when the shipping industry is held accountable for the environmental footprint.

Shipshave ITCH is a platform for hull performance, not simply a hull cleaning robot company. We will develop the technology further to monitor and maintain hulls. Your imagination can develop and deliver technology propelling the shipping industry beyond IMOs targets for fuel efficiency.

Shipshave AS invents for simplicity, profitability and sustainability. Simplicity and reliability are our deliveries to the crew, purchaser, hull performance engineer, ship owner and co-worker. We progress our projects with over-the-table decisions and easy access to full scale testing. You see results and thrive when we move fast. We are a small team with proven business development successes and financial resources.

Shipshave AS enters commercialisation and develops the organization to fit the global footprint of shipping.