Supply chain of shipping

Shipshave tries to stay on top of members of the supply chain in shipping’s different approaches when it comes to pursuit of sustainable operations.

As a supplier to the industry of sea going transportation, we are impressed of the efforts implemented.

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Development testing and introduction for new Shipshave employees

Shipshave has not posted in conjunction with development testing in a while. That’s not due to not testing, but this time we have a chance to introduce 2 new members of our team while testing and that deserves a post.

Ivan getting ready to test

Charlie preparing deployment

Shipshave’s outreach is growing

Charlie has broad experience from the marine industry not limited to technical ship-management and from a major marine paint manufacturer. He also has a Specialist Diploma in Data Science – Artificial Intelligence.

Please welcome Charlie!

Shipshave’s organization is complemented

Ivan Rafoss joined Shipshave as Operations Manager on August 1st. It will be challenging to keep the office space that tidy in the time to come.

Please welcome Ivan!