Clean hulls is the largest efficiency challenge in shipping

Shipping is the most energy efficient transport method. Shipshave shall lead in making shipping more sustainable.

You demand simplicity and reliability. In every engineering increment we simplify. Innovation takes courage, but is more inspiring than incremental engineering.

We have moved boundaries before. We got what it takes to change the future. Reducing CO2 emission, avoiding invasive species and pollution while saving money for the fuel paying entities, makes biofouling an irresistible challenge.

Shipshave’s job is to enable the crew to take charge of hull performance and maintenance.

Rune Freyer, our Serial Entrepreneur invented the Swell Packer and changed well completions in the petroleum industry. The company was acquired by Halliburton. He disrupted petroleum well stimulation with Fishbones with co-owners Equinor and AkerBP. He developed hydropower in Uganda found too complex by other developers.

Max Spencer, our R&D Manager has redefined limits of wellbore monitoring with sourceless X-ray cameras in Visuray.

Eirik Eide, our Sales and Marketing Manager has an extensive managerial backround from shipping.

Our job is to redefine hull maintenance. Your job is to unbox the ITCH and use it.

Shipshave AS enters commercialization and aims to adapt to the global footprint of shipping.

To serve the ARA-area we aree represented in Rottedam, NL.

The headquarter is located in Stavanger, Norway.