Clean hulls is the largest efficiency challenge in shipping

Shipping is the most energy efficient transport method. Shipshave AS shall lead in making shipping more sustainable.

Our technologies may not appear feasible before we develop them. We analyze the problem, the gaps and the desired features. We then invent and iterate to simplify and make robust and flexible solutions. Innovation takes courage, but makes our solutions more desirable and inspiring than incremental engineering.

We have changed limits before. We got what it takes to change the future.

Rune Freyer, our Serial Entrepreneur developed the Swell Packer in Easywell and changed well completions in the petroleum industry. The company was acquired by Halliburton.

He invented the Fishbones System, disrupting well stimulation. Fishbones AS is coowned with Equinor and AkerBP.

He also developed the NkusiSHP, a hydropower project in Uganda, previously abandoned by 6 other developers due to technical obstacles.

Max Spencer, our R&D Manager has redefined limits of wellbore monitoring with sourceless X-ray cameras in Visuray.

Reducing CO2 emissions of the world fleet, avoiding invasive species with a strong business case for the buyers is an irresistable challenge.

We do fundamental engineering rather than incremental improvements

Shipshave AS nears commercialization and shall in 2020 develop the organization to fit the global footprint of shipping.

The Company is located in Stavanger, Norway.