Protect our coastlines

Traditional In-water-hull-cleaning disposes of non-indigenous fouling spieces near land disturbing costal ecosystems. All cleaning systems leaves residue, making fouling containment an illusion.

Shipshave ITCH cleans and disposes far from shores, not disturbing local ecosystems.

Your benefits of the new business model are:

  • Avoid 3rd party service charges
  • Avoid discussions with port on permits
  • Allows proactive cleaning in transit, once fuel inefficiency has been identified

Hull grooming

Preventive hull cleaning reduces the risk of transporting species between aquatic biotopes. Grooming proactively must be performed with a high frequency. Only ITCH does not bring the fouling in harbour, eliminating the risk for non-approval of cleaning permits.

Antifouling paint

The primary barrier against fouling is antifouling paint. Biocides like copper repel biofouling. A hard handed in-port cleaning operation wears the antifouling. Plastics and biocides may then accumulate in the costal sediments. ITCH will only release inactive antifouling paint and not concentrate residue in harbours.

CO2 emissions and CII

CO2 emissions are cut with reduced fuel consumption from a ship with a clean hull.

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