On 23rd of February we were invited to perform demonstration of ITCH v.1 for a major Charterer onboard a tier 1 PSV.

Despite the ambient condition being in excess of the operation window for ITCH v.1 we are able to, through top of the class cooperation with the vessel’s crew, perform beyond what we thought would be possible. We believe that under improved weather conditions we could have done even better, but it is good to have a target to stretch for.

Footage from 8 hours of video recorded in the dark await close studies from Shipshave. We aim and hope to be able to share uplifting news as a result of this demonstration.

Thanks to the crew, their management and Charterer allowing Shipshave to perform speed tests for hours in the fjords around Stavanger.

The image shows that the well-established fouling has foliated the self-polishing antifouling thereby preventing the antifouling to function as intended.   The fouling has been removed with soft brushes reestablishing contact between the red colored antifouling and the ambiance.

At constant power, the vessel increased speed by 5.6% after the cleaning. This may indicate a 17% more efficient hull.