A test was performed on a 134m, 11.153Dwt Container Feeder vessel “Coneste”.

Within a 4 day period we have been fortunate to be able to test on the largest and the fastest vessels made available to us.

When the opportunity to test on a vessel steaming at high speeds presented itself, we had to go for it. Shipshave is very grateful to North Sea Container Line and Myklebusthaug Management making the good vessel and crew available to our test team.

The ship had drydocked approx. 3 years ago. Primary testing target was to observe performance in high speeds. The Shipshave ITCH was successfully tested up to 17 knots between Tananager and Husøy.

The image is taken by the video camera on the ITCH between white water waves created by the vessel. The ITCH was deployed with the winch via a fairlead on port side.