Shipshave has secured funding with Innovation Norway to develop Proper. Proper is a new remotely operated technology to clean underwater ship surfaces such as hulls, propellers, rudders, thrusters and niches. Proper will be a small and robust and can be handcarried and operated by the vessel’s crew.

Propeller surfaces are keys to maintain fuel efficiency and the speed of the vessel. Since many engines will be derated with the new IMO efficiency regulations, ensuring your propeller is clean will allow you to stay competitive.

We aim to introduce Proper to the market during the 2nd half of 2022. Our warp speed R&D guys have already been able to start testing a functional prototype on a ship 4 months after the grant.

The image below shows a surface cleaned of barnacles (left bottom in the picture) vs. uncleaned (right and middle). The final tool will of course clear all fouling. The first prototype is doing well and we are working hard to make your life easy.