Your can help deliver technology to make the shipping industry sustainable.

Shipshave is a startup developing cleaning methods for the shipping industry in order to reduce CO2 emissions and minimise the spread of invasive species across our oceans. We are now in the process of maturing our hull cleaning robot to become a commercial product. As part of this process, we need an intern who can help verify the robustness of its electronics by developing an automated test system that can continously exersize all its functionality over a period of time together with our engineers.

The candidate should have the following skills:


  • In the process of completing/completed a degree within a technical disipline
  • Confident and have demonstated experience in programming using Python.
  • Comfortable designing simple circuits to control and measure various electrical features in a subassembly.
  • Know how to use electroncis lab equipment.
  • Electronics prototyping and assembly.
  • Analytical, structured, thorough, committed, self-driven and proactive
  • Excellent English skills


  • Schematic design, PCB layout
  • C programming
  • Experence developing and debugging firmware on microcontrollers
  • GIT version control

Please send CV and application to with subject heading interncontrolsystem.

Shipshave AS shall lead the technology for shipowners to do hull maintenance with less CO2 emissions, no invasive species and less pollution in harbours. Our solutions will enable the shipowners to take control over their hull maintenance proactively and with low operating cost. Our products will combine reduced cost and hassle for the shipowner aligned with environmental sustainability. Our technology plans identified numerous control and sensor solutions that fills technology gaps in shipping.

Shipshave AS will fill the technology gaps that shipowners have to satisfy new regulations and higher fuel costs. Our way to solve problems is fundamental engineering of the problem, rather than upgrading existing solutions.

You work in Shipshave will therefore solve real world problems with world scale impact.

Hull cleaning today wears antifouling paint and is a hassle, expense and environmental exposure. The excessive CO2 emissions due to biofouled hulls is larger than the total emissions of Norway. Released biofouling is the largest distributor of alien species in the oceans.

Shipshave ITCH will clean hulls in operating mode while eliminating the downsides. Our new business model enables shipowners to maintain hulls themselves.

Shipshave AS invent for delivering simplicity, profitability and sustainability to the stakeholders. Our systems shall not require high skills to operate or maintain.

We progress our projects with over-the-table decisions, access to full scale testing and engaged customers. You thrive because we move fast and deliver meaningful results. We are a small team with proven entrepreneurial successes and financial resources.

Shipshave AS nears commercialization and shall in 2020 develop the organization to fit the global footprint of shipping.

The Company is located in Stavanger Norway.